Tellap Model #: 53H71
Description: 53" HDTV Projection Television. MultiWindow Dual-Tuner Picture-In-Picture (PIP).

Mfr.: Toshiba Consum-79518 Mfr. Model: 53H71
UPC code: 000000000000 Category: TV & HOME VIDEO
Sub Category: TV's- HDTV Rear Projection Retail Price: $2,299.99
Weight: 226 lb. Master Pack: 1
Returns Allowed: no Mfr. Warranty: 1 YR
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Built-in HDTV Decoder: No
Built-in Screen Shield: Yes Dolby Digital Output: Yes
Front A/V Inputs: Yes Picture-In-Picture: Dual Tuner
Screen Size (Diagonal): 53
Technical Notes:
MODEL- 53H71              VENDOR- TOSHIBA CONSUMER PRODUCTS                 
53" TheaterView HD Projection Television                                    
All TheaterView HD televisions have the following Standard features:        
  VIDEO FEATURES-                                                           
* 16:9 Modes (Vertical Compression & Letterbox)                             
   The Compression Mode creates black bars at the top and bottom of the     
   screen and displays all 1080 lines inside the illuminated 16:9 portion   
   of the screen.  The Letterbox Mode actively scans the entire screen,     
   creating gray bars above and below the picture area.  This mode          
   significantly reduces the chances of uneven CRT wear or "burn-in" when   
   compared to the Compression Mode.                                        
* Red & Green Color Lens Filters                                            
* TheaterBright Screen with SLD                                             
   Utilizes a double lenticular (two-lens) configuration, combining a       
   Fresnel and fine .72mm pitch BlackStripe screen.  The screen is tinted   
   for increased contrast, and a surface layer diffuser is incorporated,    
   which concentrates the tinting on a thinner layer of the surface of the  
   screen.  The result is a high resolution, high brightness screen with a  
   wide 160 degree viewing angle for use in any room.                       
* Wide 160 degree Horizontal Viewing Angle                                  
* 3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter (4MB, 10-bit) with Vertical Contour Correction.
   This advanced filter analyzes sequential fields of information to        
   eliminate dot crawl and color bleed.  Additionally, the 3D Y/C (4MB,     
   10-bit) Comb Filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as          
   shimmering or flicker, in complex or intricately detailed scenes.        
* Advanced Velocity Scan Modulation                                         
   By varying the speed of the electron beam scanning of the CRT this       
   feature improves dark to light transitions to improve contrast and       
   overall picture sharpness.                                               
* Wide Band Video Amplifier                                                 
   As standard video amplifiers increase the gain of the video signal, video
   bandwidth tends to decrease it.  This eliminates higher frequencies,     
   reducing resolution.  A wide-band video amplifier maintains higher       
   frequencies, enabling higher resolution.                                 
* Dynamic Quadruple Focus                                                   
   A cathode ray picture tube (CRT) has an electron gun that sends the      
   electron beam to the faceplate of the tube to make a picture.  The       
   distance from the gun to the center of the tube is different from the    
   distance to the edges and corners of the tube.  In addition, the angle of
   the beam is different, causing an elliptical instead of round beam spot. 
   Because of this, edge and corner focusing usually suffers.  Dynamic      
   Quadruple Focus adjusts the speed and angle of the electron beam so that 
   it produces a fine round beam spot everywhere on the tube.  This ensures 
   a sharp clear picture from corner to corner.                             
* Fine White & Black Level Expander                                         
   Fine White reduces CRT output for narrow white peak areas.  This avoids  
   blooming and provides sharp edges between white areas and darker areas.  
   BLE increases the Black Threshold Level, so blacks are pure black, not   
   dark gray.  This significantly improves overall picture contrast, making 
   images appear sharper and more three-dimensional.                        
* Color Temperature Control                                                 
   Provide three user-selectable color temperature settings:  Warm (NTSC    
   standard = 6,500 Degrees Kelvin), which optimizes light output for low   
   room light viewing conditions; Medium; and Cool which optimizes light    
   output for rooms that have a high ambient light condition.  This feature 
   also allows you to adjust the picture to meet your individual taste.     
  AUDIO FEATURES-                                                           
* MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx                                                   
   A Multi-channel Television Sound decoder enables the television to accept
   and decode broadcast stereo signals.  Unlike some systems that delete    
   dbx, MTS provides the full quality of the original stereo broadcast      
   content.  SAP (Secondary Audio Program) enables the reception of         
   bilingual broadcasts, when available.                                    
* 30 Watts Audio (total)                                                    
  CONVENIENCE FEATURES-                                                     
* Trilingual Color Icon On-Screen Display                                   
   All TV functions can be easily accessed using the remote control and the 
   on-screen display.  This full-featured system can be operated in         
   English, French, or Spanish.  By using the four cursor buttons on the    
   remote control, your favorite features or settings are only a click away.
* 2 Sets of ColorStream HD Component Video Inputs (Y, Pr, Pb)               
   ColorStream HD inputs allow connection of multiple component video       
   signals, including 480i (DVD), 480p (Progressive DVD) and 1080i HDTV     
   (Digital Set-Top Box).  All HDTV compatible models contain two sets      
   of ColorStream HD inputs for maximum connectivity.                       
* Front Panel A/V/S Inputs                                                  
   Front A/V inputs are perfect for connecting a camcorder and other        
   portable devices such as video game players.                             
* Dual Rear A/V Inputs                                                      
* Dual Rear S-Video Inputs                                                  
* Dual RF Inputs                                                            
   Two RF (or antenna) inputs allow you to connect both cable TV and an     
   antenna - or two cable feeds - simultaneously, ensuring you optimum      
   utility of the Dual-Tuner PIP feature.                                   
* Center Channel Audio Input                                                
* Variable Audio Output                                                     
* A/V Outputs                                                               
   A/V outputs allow you to send the audio/video signal to a VCR for        
   recording.  The fixed audio outputs can also be connected to an A/V      
   receiver, providing a cleaner signal for two-channel based home theater  
 Extra Features for this model:                                             
  VIDEO FEATURES-                                                           
* HDTV Compatible                                                           
* High Contrast PowerFocus HC Lens System                                   
   Boosts contrast by 50 percent compared to competing 5-element systems.   
* PowerFocus HD CRTs                                                        
   PowerFocus HD CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) utilize numerous image-enhancing  
   advancements, including a higher beam current and finer beam spot, for a 
   30% increase in sharpness and a 10% increase in brightness over standard 
   CRTs.  The PowerFocus HD Optic System enables this model to take         
   advantage of crystal-clear HDTV signals, producing up to 1280 lines      
   horizontal resolution.                                                   
* IDSC-Pro (Intelligent Digital Scan Conversion) (540p/1080i)               
   Allows all video signals received by the television to be displayed at a 
   single scanning frequency.  This allows Toshiba to select a single, no   
   compromise, focus point for each projection television model.  This      
   produces an overall sharper picture from any signal, including 1080i     
   HDTV.  Frame, line and pixel doublers are selectively utilized to create 
   full-frame progressive images from interlaced NTSC signals.  Hyper       
   Progressive Scanning analyzes 13,600 points on the screen, to create     
   smooth edges and eliminate "stairstepping" artifacts.  Finally, Advanced 
   Digital Noise Reduction can be incorporated to give smooth, noise free   
   images from analog signals such as Cable TV or VCRs.                     
* TouchFocus Auto Digital Convergence                                       
   Enables a quick return to a perfect convergence setting by depressing a  
   single button on the set's front panel.  The system even makes adjustment
   to compensate for natural and man-made magnetic fields.  Manual override 
   adjustments are also maintained.  With TouchFocus, sharp accurate focus  
   from corner to corner is easier than ever.                               
* Advanced Digital Video Noise Reduction                                    
   This active threshold circuitry reduces snow and other high-frequency    
   video noise found in grainy, low quality video signals.  A cleaner,      
   smoother picture is created from nearly any program source.              
* First Surface Mirror                                                      
   A First Surface Mirror places its reflective material on the front of the
   mirror.  This lets light reflect off the front of the mirror without     
   passing through any glass.  Standard second surface mirrors, similar to  
   common household mirrors, require light to pass through a glass layer on 
   the way to the reflective surface and then again on the way out.  The    
   natural light refraction that occurs causes "ghosting" that results in   
   decreased picture sharpness.  First Surface Mirrors eliminate this       
   unnecessary refraction, avoiding image degradation and delivering a crisp
   clear picture.                                                           
* Built-in High Contrast TheaterShield                                      
   TheaterShield is an acrylic shield that protects the screen.  Unlike some
   standard shields, the TheaterShield incorporates a special hard coat to  
   resist scratching.                                                       
* Dynamic Contrast                                                          
   Included on all Toshiba HDTV Compatible HDTV models, this feature        
   continually analyzes picture information and enhances those parts of the 
   picture with the most detail information.  The result is sharper, deeper 
   images with richer colors and a more film-like image from 480i sources.* 
   This circuitry identifies original film-based content from DVDs.  Then,  
   instead of simply passing the signal through for processing, it          
   reassembles the frame sequence to more accurately reproduce the original 
   24 frame film-based material.  This eliminates the possibility of errors 
   or artifacts that can be caused by simply doubling the signal.           
  AUDIO FEATURES-                                                           
* SRS 3D Sound                                                              
   This advanced sound system creates a wide three-dimensional sound field  
   from the television's internal speakers.                                 
* Sub Bass System (SBS)                                                     
   This system creates a bass boost at and around the 100-cycle audio-      
   frequency area.  This creates a noticeable increase in bottom end and    
   overall fullness, for an improved home theater sound.                    
  CONVENIENCE FEATURES-                                                     
* Back Lit Universal Remote Control                                         
   The Universal Remote Control is preprogrammed to operate the TV, most    
   brands of VCR, and a cable box.  The keys are intuitively positioned to  
   give you fast access to virtually all TV functions.                      
* MultiWindow (Dual-Tuner Picture-In-Picture (PIP)                          
   Now you can watch two channels at once, or find out what's on all your   
   favorite channels.  Two built-in tuners allow Picture-In-Picture without 
   the use of a VCR.  In Single-Box Mode, you can change the size of the    
   sub-picture, move it to different locations on the screen, or freeze it. 
   Six-Box Mode allows a continuous Channel Preview of all your favorite    
   channels in six sub-pictures along the bottom of the display.  In        
   Nine-Box Mode, nine of your favorite channels can be previewed in a      
   "tic-tac-toe" formation.  You can also strobe Freeze the line action in  
   those nine boxes.                                                        
* 2-Level Mute                                                              
   Volume is muted 50% by a first touch and 100% by a second, providing     
   quick access to instant volume control.                                  
* Speed Surf                                                                
   Hold down the channel up or down button and the Speed Surf box appears.  
   In addition to channel numbers, channel ID information (HBO, CBS, ESPN)  
   is displayed, allowing you to scan more quickly to your desired channel. 
* Front Panel Lock-Out                                                      
   The television's front panel buttons, with the exception of the power    
   button, can be rendered inoperable.  This makes the set's remote control 
   the only way to access functions.  This feature is particularly          
   beneficial when small, button pushing, children are present.             
* One Button Sleep Timer                                                    
   The Sleep Timer allows you to fall asleep watching TV and have the TV    
   turn itself off up to three hours later (in 10-minute intervals).        
* Closed Captioning (on Mute)                                               
   This feature automatically displays captioned information (if available) 
   on-screen when the MUTE button is pressed.  Captions disappear when the  
   volume is restored.                                                      
* V-Chip Parental Control                                                   
   This feature allows adults to decide which show ratings are appropriate  
   for children.  The TV will then block out the audio and video of any     
   program that has a rating beyond that level.  Adults can override the    
   system at any time using their secret code.                              
* Channel Return                                                            
   Pressing this button returns you to the last channel you were viewing.   
   This allows you to easily switch back and forth between two channels.    
* Favorite Channel                                                          
   This feature allows you to designate up to nine of your most frequently  
   viewed channels as favorite channels.  Engaging this feature will allow  
   you to scan only your pre-selected favorite channels.  Two independent   
   sets of nine channels can be selected, allowing two different viewers to 
   enjoy this feature on one set.                                           
* Individual A/V Settings for Inputs                                        
   This feature lets you customize settings for your individual inputs,     
   with separate memory settings for antenna, video, and ColorStream inputs.
* StableSound                                                               
   Automatically modulates unwanted increases in volume, so you'll no longer
   be blown out of your seat when the volume increases during a commercial  
   break or when you are changing channels.                                 
SIZE- 44 7/8"w x 53 5/16"h x 22 3/4"d    WT.- 240 lbs.                      
MFR.- No returns on color TVs, DVDs, and VCRs.  Product must be returned    
       to an authorized customer service center for repair.                 
       Call 800-631-3811                                                  <