Considerations when Choosing

a Telecom Provider

The IT channel works so you can rest easy knowing the recommendations provided are properly vetted,
sound in strategy and meet your business requirements.

Before choosing a telecommunications provider, be sure to audit existing communications and assess your
business needs. Once you have your house in order and are ready to purchase, make sure you know about
the provider recommended. Keep these considerations in mind:

Breadth of Services

Does the provider offer a comprehensive suite of
services? Many offer not only traditional voice, but
also cloud, data and Internet solutions. Does the
provider do all of these well? Then, investigate
services and support (i.e. installation, service, billing,
account management). Who handles account
management once you sign a contract?




Are the providers offering competitive, negotiated
quotes that meet your specific business requirements?
Apply age-old wisdom that if the rates or savings
seems too good to be true? They usually are.






Current Business

Before selecting a provider, conduct due diligence and
reach out to current customers for reference. Also,
another consideration for vetting a provider is to gain
a better understanding of the company’s own
business goals: are they looking to be acquired, are
they making acquisitions to expand their services, are
they a publically traded company?


Start by looking at providers’ footprints. You should
consider local and regional service providers over
national carriers since they built the network. The
decision for a local provider could mean better
network reliability and service.






Brand Reputation

Be certain your technology distributor has preferred
relationships with the industry’s top providers. It’s
important to keep in mind the largest providers can
deliver stability.






Financial Stability

Upon all consideration factors: service and offerings,
network reliability, geography it’s important to know
the stability of the company you’ve decided on. If the
company falls on hard times, will your pricing
increase, will the company cut back on customer