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"Our purpose is to serve as our selling partners’ advocate. We source and ensure the most competitive prices and trouble-free provisioning of cloud, Internet, data, mobility, voice and managed services" 

Alpesh Patel, Founder-

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We Analyze Your Bill and Locate Comptetitors from over  80 major providers

ie. Comcast, Verizon, Mitel, etc...

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We send you new proposals from your existing or new provider

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Our long-standing relationships, volume commitments and well thought out carrier contracts facilitate your success

Reduce Your Bottom Line in These Areas


Cloud Migration




Expense Management

1. Voice

2.  Internet

3. Cloud Services

Let Us Perform an Audit of your most recent statement

We will find the best technology/provider to fit your Organization.  We are partnered with over 80 major service providers to help find the right local or national carrier.




Why Use TTS as a Telecom Broker for New Services?

We are an Independent Agent/Broker

We are Partnered with the Brands You Want

We Have Your Interests in Mind....Not the Carrier's


Yes, We Do Have Support

We won't leave you

Most direct carrier sales agents are not technology experts.  We have knowledge of what you actually need and the same exclusive rates they do.  We don't need to upsell products to you unless you need them. 


There are over 80 Major Providers that we are partnered with across the nation.  We deal only with reputable companies.  Because of our long-standing relationships, we provide you with valuable insight.



We have partnerships with all providers that you are likely familiar with.  But we are not trying to fill quotas or connect you to the wrong provider.  Our goal is to find what actually fits your needs and then fill it with the best option.



Yes, we offer additional Backoffice Support on top of the support you will be getting from the provider.  We will oversee any transition to a new service or upgraded plans.  



We don't just help you sign an contract and leave.  We pride ourselves in long-term customer service.  We want to know if your happy even years after you signed.  


AND.....After you sign a contract, we will continually look for better package deals that you might not be aware of down the road.