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Connecting Your Business to the Right Technology

Serving Non-Profits

Since our establishment in 2001, Tellap Technology Solutions (TTS) has been serving Non-Profits in Chicago and beyond with comprehensive technology solutions. With a commitment to make your business succeed, we strive each day to expand our reach and enable nonprofits of all sizes and missions to leverage technology for their causes.


At TTS, we offer end-to-end services that cover everything from A to Z, empowering our clients to focus on their core mission while we take care of their technological needs.

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According to a Survey...

90% of nonprofits reported that technology played a crucial role in their organization's operations, yet only 24% felt they had the necessary technology resources to meet their needs.


Additionally, 57% of nonprofits reported that they have experienced technology challenges that have hindered their ability to fulfill their mission. These statistics suggest that many nonprofits could benefit from technology support to help them better leverage technology to achieve their goals.

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"The most important aspect of technology management is not the technology itself, but how it is used to meet the goals of the organization."


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