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Non Profits technology needs... when you need it."

Need Remote Access?

Microsoft provides

Technology Donations

to digitize your entire office

Included with your donation!

The Latest Windows

Microsoft 365 includes the latest release of Windows. You'll always receive updates and the newest versions.

Support has already ended for Windows 7, so now's a great time to upgrade.

Also included!

Office Apps, Everywhere

Most plans come with the full suite of Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access).

You can install and use them on your computers or mobile devices. You also get Office Online, so you can work from any computer.

Also included!

Advanced Security

Small organizations are often more vulnerable to security threats. Enterprise Mobility and Security, included with Microsoft 365 plans, helps you protect your devices and data, and guard against malware.

We will implement Microsoft ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) to your organization

Also included!

Cloud Backup

Continually backup all your files using a storage solution from Microsoft

Protect yourself from deleted files with file retention

All Your Tech Needs from A to Z

"We service Non-Profits across the country and make it easy for any organization to have all the resources of a big enterprise at a fraction of the cost"

-Alpesh Patel