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What is TTS?  (Tellap Technology Solutions)

We are an expanding IT company that has filled the technology needs of various organizations in Chicago for the last 18 years.  We have played a heavy role in the Non-Profit sector and have deployed various solutions in different environments.  Our mission statement states: "Connecting Your Business to the Right Technology."  The "right technology" is our educated decision for each organization, without sacrificing quality over cost.

A New Chapter in the Company


We have partnered with several new carriers to provide a broader base  of services to choose from.  Currently we have over 80 nationwide service partners.  Our partnerships provide everything from voice/data to managed servers.  With allour collective industry presence, we have over 40 years of experience in our joint partnerships.   If there is a technology out there for a particular problem, we likely have a team of individuals that can provide the answer with the most cost-effective solution.


Our Relationships with our Clients


Whether we are the primary technology provider for your organization or another provider is, we strive to build a solid relationship with our clients so that you keep up with new developements in telecom.  


One of the most important elements we also want to mention is our customer service.  Our staff is friendly and easy to talk to.  We do not try to muscle our customers into buying more services than necessary.  Rather we work alongside you as if we were part of your team.  We strive to help you achieve your mission.



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